Trimming Market Wethers

Wether Not Trimmed This wether needs his feet trimmed. Put your show goats on a schedule and trim them every 30 days. This wether is walking with his rear hocks turned in and his front feet splayed out because his feet are in desperate need of trimming.

Large hoof trimmers (Burdizzo or Felco) are required for a job like this. This will be a difficult job with the small trimmers. Follow the growth lines on the side of the hoof to cut a straight path. Cut deep enough so the walls will be flush with the sole. Be carefull not to cut too deep. Cut the sole flat, remove broken or unhealthy sole. Snipping Snip

Bevel Rear Hoof Trim the outside edge of the outside toe at a 45 degree angle. This will make him track wide and straight.

Notice how the hoof is level from front to back & the goat stands flat and square. Notice how the toe turns out on the untrimmed hoof in the background. Rear Side View Trimmed

Compare the way the wether stands before and after she has been trimmed.
Notice how he stands square after he was trimmed.
His back legs are not hocked in, and his toes point straight ahead, not out to the side.



Before Wether After Wether

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