Hoof Trimmers & Equipment

These hoof trimmers are made for the show box, trimming young kids, or just touching up the edges.
Each manufacturer seems to have its own color.

ARS Shear Magic Sydell
ARS Shears
available from
Premier Sheep Supply
My Favorite!
Shear Magic
available from
Jeffers Livestock
Sydell Trimmers
available from
Sydell Sheep Supply

For adult goats, and negleted hooves you need a larger set of trimmers.
I prefer the Burrdizo brand foot rot shears or the Felco shears. The Burdizo shears are available almost anywhere and are easy to sharpen. The Felco shears are expensive, but they have ergonomic handles that are easy on the hands. Replacement blades are available. They are also easy to sharpen.

Burdizo Foot Rot Shears Felco 50
Burdizzo Shears
available from
Nasco Farm & Ranch
Felco 50
available from
Premier Sheep Supply

For tough trimming jobs such as grown bucks, horse hoof nippers are sometimes the best choice.

Horse Hoof Nippers


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