Show Wether Feeder PVC pipe (Schedule 40 is more expensive but is sturdier) makes good feeders for all our goats. It is durable, weather proof, easy to clean, and can almost be made goat proof. Wether feeders have ¾” plywood pieces cut & screwed into the ends. Eye bolts and double end snaps hang the feeder on the board. Screw-in eyebolts are mounted on the boards to hold the feeders. A smaller 1’-3’ version can be made to take to shows. (The goats in the pic range from 6 months to over 1 year of age.)

The bottom board serves as a step,
and the hangers can be hung from the bottom
for breeding animals or young weanlings.

Fat Girls 2 Our feeders for our does & bucks don’t need to be raised. This is a 6’ long feeder with PVC end caps & legs made from 1” tubing. It is sturdy, easily moved and cleaned.

The feeder below is tied between two trees. Seems to work well, and isn’t stable enough for the goats to stand in. Fran

Show String A quick and inexpensive hay feeder can be made by attaching a piece of panel (4”x4” squares”) to the fence. Ours is fastened to the fence on the bottom with cable clamps, and then has a 10” piece of small chain on each corner to make it hang at an angle. This makes it easier to load, and the goats don’t waste hay.

This is one of our creep feeders. It is 5’ x 5’, with roof to keep the rain out. There is a 8” square gap cut in one of the panels. The feeder is a Kane Lamb feeder & easily holds a 50 lb. sack of feed. Fran

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