Creep Feeder Made Easy

Creep feeder is cut out of a single cattle panel & is 4' square. The sides are fastened together with hog rings, although cable clamps can also be used. Brass snaps are used to latch the gate. The "prongs" are pushed down in the ground & helps stablize the feeder. We start with a small feed bowl of feed in the center, then when needed move to a pig type creep feeder mounted on a piece of plywood. This is attached to the creep fence with plastic wire ties. The plywood keeps the feed out of the does sight, or at least where they can't reach it.

If you are going to raise a lot of kids you might want to consider investing in a Sydell or other creep gate, the roller bars are far superior to keeping older goats out of your feed.

Kids have easy access, while does have to wait outside.


Feeder folds easily for moving & storage.

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